who i am

That's me!

My name is Andrew Petrin, I was born in 1993 and live in Moscow, Russia.

I graduated from the European Gymnasium in 2011, and after winning the all-russia olimpiad in Economics I entered the New Economic School and Higher School of Economics Joint Bachelor program. As an undergraduate I was a visiting student to the Univesity of Pennsylvania, USA.

Starting from my third year of college I was blown away by IT technology and how it enables anyone to be creative. I started as an IT director at my school, then got an internship at Yandex, tried myself in EY Finance IT, then finally returning to Yandex where I work now.

My non-work interests include teaching (I volunteer at EMS, Экономико-математическая школа при экономическом факультете МГУ), quadcopter photography, and board games (especially Sid Meier's Civilization).